Is not just a word at PLANOBRA; it is a commitment and a goal to which our company is dedicated in serving the Construction Industry.

For this reason, when talking about the TERKO system, we are talking about research, studies, innovation, in short, technology. Exhaustive field and laboratory tests have shown that the structural elements of the TERKO system far exceed the safety, efficiency and function ability of similar systems, and as a result cost much less.

Moreover, Planobra in it zeal to serve the market, has taken the trouble to back its research with an infrastructure of quality manufacturing and commercial systems that establish and make these innovations feasible in practice. Thus, supported by manufacturing companies from our own consortium, we can offer a product, which is completely manufactured in our facilities, and guarantee quality control, design and delivery schedules 100%.

The TERKO system basically consists of three stages: Engineering, manufacturing, and construction.
Planobra obtains the necessary information from the customer, so that it may be fed into the computer programs designed to obtain the values of the physical specifications of the structural elements that should be used for a given project. The computer software calculate the following variables: for concrete slabs, the number of tension hooks; for tension hooks, the length and transversal section; for the anchorage elements, the width, length and distance between their horizontal planes. All these variables are determined for each segment of the earthen formation in such a way that the slabs are classified with specific codes in other to identify the specifications of the structural elements. When these variables have been calculated, construction plans are developed, which include, aside from the identification of the slabs, all the construction details, clearly indicating the placement of each of the different components of the TERKO system, as well as their number, dimensions, levels and supplementary information.

In addition to the construction plans, the customer also receives a manual with step-by-step instructions, specifications, and general recommendations to facilitate the job.
The so-called structural elements: grids, "omega" anchors, tension hooks, safety catches, union flats and anchorage elements which form the core of the system, are manufactured in plant with the most modern up-to-date equipment and methods, highest qualified personnel and strictest standards of quality.

The fabrication of the tension hooks, the waving of the PVC-coated steel wire for anchorage elements, the hot-dip galvanization of the metal fittings and other minor processes are monitored by technical experts in each area, in order to insure a product of optimum quality. In addition, the concrete slabs may be cast in pre- fabricating plants or on the construction site itself. Planobra provides the molds and tools for handling the slabs.
The TERKO is extremely easy to assemble since it was designed to save time in both equipment and labor. The unique male-female characteristics of the edges of the slabs, which facilitate retention, as well as the convenience of its structural elements, do not require the use of any special tools or a stock of bolts and screws, thus making assembly surprisingly effortless. The components are light and can be handled without risk to a single worker.

With respect to the assembly, there are only a few, simple points that must be kept under control. In addition to the routine controls for any similar construction process, special attention must be given to the backfill specifications, the verticality of the slabs and the compaction levels. In this way, TERKO simplifies and lowers the costs of constructing retaining walls, which may be used for overpass ramps, hillside embankments, unstable slopes, etc.

At Planobra we are proud to be able to offer modern and efficient solutions to the Construction Industry. The applications of TERKO are many and varied, providing the builder with one more tool for his ingenuity, which will redound of great benefit.

Ask for our technical brochures with explanatory bulletins on the various aspects of the TERKO system or send us your projects, and our engineers will analyze them and offer solutions and if desired, estimates that may astound you.

TERKO the modern solution to built retaining walls.


Cuadrada relieve 1.50 x 1.50

Hexagonal relieve 1.80 x 1.56

Rectangular rayada 1.60 x 1.40

Rectangular lisa y relieve 2.0 x 1.60

T tejida 1.20 x 1.80